Kids are the most precious gift from God to humanity. These tiny tots are even Heritage Of God, Love Of parents, and Precious to Grandparents. It is believed that a married couple gets the blessing of God in the appearance of a baby. Children always present unification of a couple.

With the growth of a child, the pride and sense of fulfillment prosper. Parents do one’s utmost to give their kids.

The care of parents multiplies when a child turns into an adult. The joyous day of life became the day when a son was born, and its birthday turns up a day of enjoyment.

To enjoy the birthday with glee quotes from mom and dad to son are intrinsic. As when a child starts dedicating quotes on an anniversary to mom and dad or miss you mom quotes, similarly, birthday quotes from mom and dad to son makes a day of your child. 

  • You are our first child, and all our wishes and prayers are always with you. Happy birthday my son!
  • To our handsome son, from your mom and dad, wishing you all the health, wealth and happy life.  
  • It’s your 18th birthday, son. You are an adult now. Never felt you grew so big. Happy Birthday our teen!
  • To my son, on his birthday, I quote a quote that you stay blessed and achieve everything in life. 
  • No matter how old you grow, you will always be our boy. Proud to have you as our son. Wishing you a great birthday, son!
  • Heartiest congratulations to our 10 years old boy. You are as intelligent as your mother and smart as your father. Happy Bday!
  • A few years ago, when you were born, everyone was happy around you. This time, you are around to feel on your birthday. Happy birthday.
  • Congratulations my son, you have turned 12. May God bless you. 
  • You got such good looks son. This is a gift to you from your parents. Well, just kidding. Happy Birthday, boy!
  •  It seems that yesterday you were a little boy and today you turned so big. Happy birthday my son!
  • Your born day was my best day; you crawling day was an incredible day and that day when you called me ‘mom’ was my emotional day. Happy birthday to my lovely baby.
  • You have started making your decisions, boy. You are grown up now. Happy 25th birthday son!
  • Hey son, on this birthday, I would say that yes I am successfully nurturing you with good values. 
  • A son carries a lot many dreams of parents. But we wish you to fulfill your own. Happy birthday, child!
  • Every day your smile brings sunshine in the house. Happy birthday to son!
  • Your dad and I son decided on many gifts but couldn’t find any gift better than you. Happy Birthday!
  • Your charm of personality magnetizes everyone around. Love yourself and the people around you. Keep growing. Wish you a grand birthday!
  • May your success grow double, you get more opportunities in life. Happy birthday. Big hugs on your way!
  • You are in my hands and one year has passed. To a little boy, Happy 1st birthday.
  • Today is the most important day for us when our son was born. Many congratulations to you son!
  • Your birth was a magical moment for me. So, I celebrate that every year as your birthday. 
  • Like a beautiful flower in the garden, you are to us. Like the moon in the sky, you are to us. Wishing you a great birthday baby.
  • We seriously found a good companion in you son. You are a super child. Happy birthday.
  • How to repay God for giving me a son. I am thankful to God. Happy birthday young boy.
  • Your dad and I always notice your mischievous things. You are cute in your way. Love you and happy birthday.
  • Oh, son, you gave me a reason to become a mother. Thank you, son. Happy Birthday. Stay Blessed!
  • When a son starts wearing shoes of the father, it shows that the son is grown up. Happy Birthday my Champ!
  • Happy birthday, son! The road ahead leads to your happiness.
  • Hey son, wishing you a great birthday and hope you get what you desire.
  • Your parents love you, the most son. You are our charm. Happy Birthday, boy!
  • All-day around, our heart moves in you. We love you so much. Happy birthday.
  • We are in debt for choosing us and giving us a chance to learn patience and tolerance, Happy birthday our son!
  • To the smart, dashing and Superson, happy happy birthday.
  • You and your sister always hold a fight that parents love me the most. But you both are two eyes of us. Happy Birthday to you son!
  • Nobody has ever felt such happiness as a mother when a son is born. Happy Birthday to you!
  • God has blessed me with a son, and that son is two years old now. Happy Birthday in a new world!
  • Your parents passed years by seeing you grow. Happy Birthday our life!
  • All we could say is happy birthday son. Keep growing and achieving.
  • You are indeed a bundle of joy for us. Whatever we do is for you son. Happy Birthday!
  • As you filled our life with happiness, your parents will fulfill all your dreams. 
  • I pray that every birthday must be sas unique as you. 
  • I passed my days seeing you grow. Happy Birthday to the most handsome son.

Some Funny Birthday Message For Son

  • Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter! Happy birthday, son!
  • As you get older, you can look forward to looking as good as your parents. Happy birthday!
  • Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake. Happy Birthday and have some more cake!
  • Your birthday should be a national holiday. I’ll get things starting by taking the day off from work in your honor!
  • Did you know that science keeps proving again and again that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer than those who don’t?! Happy birthday, dear son!
  • I’ve decided to switch my political party to a party that’s a lot more fun: Your Birthday Party!
  • Happy birthday, son. As you commemorate the day you came to this world, I can’t help but remember how when you were a child you didn’t like taking naps. At this point, I bet that is all you ever dream of. Have a great one!
  • Shouldn’t you get your mom something on your birthday? It’s your birthday, but it’s her Mother’s day!
  • Just remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else… Happy Birthday!

Be proud of your son as he brings happiness to your life. Dedicate quotes to mom, quotes to son from mom and dad, share quotes about mom and daughter. So we know how close and pure relations are these. 

Quotations won’t take much of your time or take words, but definitely, you will have lifetime feelings with it.  Share beautiful quotes with your loved ones and add charm to their life.