The most beautiful feeling hit us when we become parents. From a less responsible person, you turn out to be the accountable and liable person. The care of small life, parenting, and giving every happiness to them changes your entire world. You think like a person you have never felt before.

All those parents who undergo this, there is no way to repay them. With time the expectations of them decrease and care for you increases. To thank them, mom and dad quotes from daughter would be the supreme way. Mom and dad quotes will bring your feelings shaped in charismatic words.

When quotes express your feelings in your way, it makes a moment out of the world. It has a different effect which is not present in any other relation. You can also thank them through funny Mother’s Day quote from daughter or missing my mom quotes from daughter and son. 

Here at Quotesmom, we have compiled the best mom and dad quotes from a daughter to value your parents.

  • Hey mom and dad, you mean the world to me, I can never repay you. Thanks a lot!
  • My mom always bears my brawls, and my dad always manages for me in everything. Thanks to you guys!
  • Everyone asks me about the confidence I possess. I always say, because of my mom and dad!
  • In the intense journey of life, you always supported me. Hats off to you!
  • If there is anything that can turn up my mood is you mom and dad. Thanks for being there always.
  • If you want to know about unconditional love, then love your parents. 
  • No one is perfect, not even parents. But the way they handle things and have experiences make them separate. Love your mom and dad!
  • Daughters in some parts of the world are a burden. But hats off to my parents, I am an apple of my parent’s eyes.
  • Caring and loving your parents make you succeed in everything in life.
  • Parents with their words can change the attitude, mindset, abilities of a child. They can curse or bless them. Thanks, dad and mom for being my best.
  • You guys are friends to me. I never thought to be so comfortable with you both. I love you a lot.
  • I bet that no one can have such parents as I do. Thanks for being with me.
  • You have never let me feel the difference between being a girl or a boy. Thanks for such an education maa and paa.
  • Every day I see you guys, I follow you as an inspiration.
  • The greatest gift of my life, my parents.
  • Next to God are my parents.
  • Lucky parents have lucky daughters like me.
  • Parents don’t leave when you grow old. They are trying to make you confident.
  • For me, my every hope is parents.
  • All that what I am, think to be, I will owe to my parents.
  • I may not articulate in words, but I love you, mom and dad.  
  • To share a special place with mom and dad is not easy for everyone. Love you, mom and dad for that.
  • For every brother, sister is best. For every husband, a wife is best, but for parents like mine, their daughter is best.
  • No matter what world parents are in, the world they create for children is unimaginable.
  • When my mother scolds me, my father supports, and when father rebukes me, even my mother gets scared stiff. But still, love you both.
  • No matter how much-flawed kids are, to parents, we are flawless. Applaud to mom and dad.
  • I can bet with anyone in the world that no one is better than parents on earth.
  • Dear mom and dad, you gave me so much love that if I get destroyed, I will blame you. Lots of hugs!
  • You guys spent your life making me every year better than the last. This much you love me?
  • Life is not a cakewalk, but to make it for kids, parents sacrifice everything. 
  • All parents can’t provide a good education to daughters. That makes my parents unique.
  • Some kids might not get the shade of parents throughout their life. Miss you, mom and dad.
  • Parents don’t need fame or popularity. They are evergreen personalities.
  • Pretty daughters of handsome fathers can kill anyone.
  • Behind every daughter is prodigal parents.
  • The clashes in views are genuine. But we don’t have a generation gap. Thanks for understanding. 
  • The only inspiration I consider in my life is my parents. 

There is nothing more unique and unbreakable relationship than of mom and dad with a daughter. As mothers always desire the best for their children while fathers endeavors to fulfill their wishes. Daughters and sons always look for inspiration towards their parents. 

To let your parents know what you feel, how important they are, why you love them so much, dedicate them to mom and dad quotes. Share your memories in the form of quotations. There are even other quotes for wishing birthday, single mom and more. Check it out on our page.