Like mother like daughter’, have you heard the adage? This means when a daughter is like a shadow of her mother in terms of manners, behaviour, interests, nature and many other aspects. Daughters always compliment her mother when it is a matter of conversing with others, her voice, her gestures, etc.

However, when mothers and female child have a combination relation, there we find a need to make mom special with some unique things, such as dedicating quotes.

Quotes are best to express sentiments, warmth, excitement, feelings and more. In a small count of words, you could easily intimate your spirits to a mother.

Generally, fun mom quotes from daughter could be helpful at every event, occasion making a person express himself/herself in a unique manner.

This enunciation doesn’t require anything else as these words would be enough to express. To celebrate the relationship between mother and daughter, there are several quotes to justify the warmth of the heart.

 fun mom quotes from daughter
Mother & Daugther Relation
  • I am strong because a strong pillar of family raised me, my mother.
  • My mom always wonders about my attitude. O mom, don’t feel amazed! It’s from you!
  • No matter how old you are, I will always need you mom!
  • You must thank yourself, mom, I am your reflection, so I am awesome!
  • I try to be like you, as in, tries to fit myself in your shoes.
  • Train me, well mom. After all, I even have to turn into mother.
  • Sometimes you might wonder mom that why you can’t understand me? Same is the father’s reaction 😛
  • Mother is a supporter of her daughter, if she isn’t around, then you are bound. 
  • We love each other like Tom and Jerry, however, I always annoy like Jerry, but she is the opposite of Tom.
  • A mother is a daughter’s closest ally, role model, emotional map and a hard supporter.
  • People say, sons to mothers and daughters to dad. Nevertheless, my mother and I prove it wrong.
  • A daughter holds a fight with her mother. But, her mother always empathizes, comprehends and always steps forward in every setback of her daughter’s life.
  • When I was a child, mom, I used to emulate you. However now, my daughter is an epitome to imitate me. 
  • I felt once jealous to listen that I am like you. But, with time, I feel proud to hear that.
  • Mom, you are like my favourite song whose words I may forget, but never the tunes.
  • At times when you fall ill, I do get angry that you are ill, but I have to work more. Love you, Mom!
  • It was a secret mom that I and my brother had fought many times that you love me the most. But, we both are like your eyes, equal.
  • I run out of words to write about you. It is like knowing the level of water in the deep ocean.
  • At times, I fight before leaving the house to disobey what you say. However, the moment I reach the destination, I do what you have said. Love you a lot!
  • The years I grew up seeing you, was the best years of my life.
  • She doesn’t only raise me with love, but humour, understanding, laughter, and lessons were all the included chapters.
  • Sometimes when I can’t to my mother, I generally go and seek her advice. But, she comes to know that I am in a problem. She is always like this. Love you tons mom!
  • When mom used to get ready, I imitated her in applying makeup. Today, when I do all that, my daughter copies it.
  • Mom, you are a pirate of my life. You steal every pain and tension, without telling me. 
  • Sometimes I see my mom and contemplate. What I would be without you?
  • Mom is REINE in every girl’s life.
  • Life doesn’t give second chances. Mothers do! 
  • When you grow old maa, you will have white hair, ageing skin. Still, I would tease you the same as I did earlier.
  • Being a child, you have taken care of my whereabouts. Now even when I am on my own, you know them by heart. Keep loving mom!
  • My mom is as cool as me. Oops! I mean the opposite. 😛
  • Mom, how does it feel to have an amazing daughter? Well dear, for that you need to ask your grandmother.
  • Dear mom, I think that you haven’t experienced motherhood until me. Isn’t it?
  • I have shown a lot many tantrums to my mom. She never reacted back with the same.
  • To teach me at times, my mom used to become a villain. But, that’s Ok! It is the way she knows I would learn. 
  • My growing age makes me feel mom that I am not far from the time when you will start asking about your grandchildren. Love You, Mom!
  • Hey mom, do you know how much I love you? If no, then I should tell you later. Just wanna say, be there always!
  • I am fierce. I am compassionate. I am audacious. I am feisty. I have so many qualities. Did you also derive them from grandma?
  • When I will be married mom, I will call you daily to discuss what my mother-in-law says about me. After all, she is going to praise me and I need to tell you. 
  • A daughter is always a daughter to her mother, even when she is married.
  • The relationship between mother and daughter becomes stronger when a daughter becomes a mother. 
  • I can lean on you for anything mom, even leaning unnecessary.
  • Every other place can be taken, but your place is hard to replace a mother.
  • I am like you. I love you. You are my mother. That is the biggest prayer.
  • Being a daughter, I have hardly seen your sufferings. Being a mother makes me know them well. Love your spirit mom!
  • I believe every mother is an actor. Whatever role she has to play, she is adorable.
  • I know mom, you feel so lucky to have me.
  • Out of 10 times, hardly once I say yes to anything. Rest I always say, mom, will do it.
  • I think mom you should be in bulk so that no one sulks.
  • Thanks for always standing by me, at least I know someone is around.
  • My mother has an amazing daughter like me.
  • I spent my early years in your lap, and throughout life in your heart.
  • I wish to have a mother-in-law to be like my mother. So, I will never think of with whom to share my things.
  • My mother always worried about my friend circle, my choices. But she never interrupts, she silently observes. 
  • The more I see my mother, the more I feel lucky and destined. 

These are amazing, naughty quotes on the relationship between mother and daughter. Dedicate one daily to your mother and let her know how special she is. We undoubtedly make many relations outside our house, but the relation between mom and female child is unconditional and unadulterated with funny mom sayings from daughter. Mom is like an angel and she is being looked up for inspiration always. So, just dedicate one loving mom quotes funny to her and make her day as important as you can. Also, this is the closest relation one could have in life. Wish Happy New Year To Mom on this coming new year